Strange Dream

The other night I had this odd dream in which I bad a baby. I remember it very clearly, something I don’t often do for dreams. It was a little baby girl and I was having trouble finding her a name since I always seem to find great boy names and few girl names. Somehow it amuses me that even in a dream I have the same issues that I do in real life.

Something about the dream was a bit saddening though. The fact that I bad this beautiful little baby girl, and I was going to have to wake up to a world where I didn’t. Part of me knew it already in the dream, and I just didn’t want to wake up.

I realise how silly that sounds. But when I eventually woke up, I felt really sad for the loss of this baby girl that I never actually had. It makes no sense, and it’s silly – but the sadness was real. Maybe it’s a sign that my internal clock is ticking.. I don’t know. It was just sad.

Maybe it’s because I always used to say that I wanted to have kids before I turned 30. In six months I’ll be 32, and I’m nowhere near having any kids, so maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me something? In the end it doesn’t matter, since even if I did want a baby, it’s not something I’m in the position to even think about. Which I guess is why I’m sad. I really did want to have a baby before 30. At this point it feels like I should be happy if I have one before 40, if I get to have one at all.

Sorry for the weird post. I realise that my internal clock is playing pranks and those who don’t care for children may not understand. It’s a strange thing, it really is..


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  1. Hey,

    All the best for you new job. I hope you are doing fine. I’m good.
    Well you indeed had a nice dream … but what I understand about dreams is that they never mean literally. Meaning it does mean exactly what you saw. Its like a encoded message you have to decipher it. You can take help of a dream dictionary.

    I dont alway remember my dreams .. but some of them were very exciting to forget … in one of the dreams i was fighting hand-hand with a german soldier on a railway platform. he was holding a granade and he droped it and it went off. 🙂 and I woke up.

    A lot of time I see my self travelling on a train…

    • Dreams are definitely interesting, and as you say they usually don’t mean what they appear as. I’ve had all kinds of dreams in the past, several times I’ve dreamed entire stories (which I then had to write down of course 😉 ), but also weird ones that are hard to know what they mean. Dream dictionaries are always interesting to check out. 🙂

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