Storm Katie

During the Easter weekend storm Katie swept in through the UK, and definitely in through our garden. The winds were so strong that they actually wrecked the brick wall/fencing on one side of our garden. It’s going to take quite a bit to fix, and we’ve not even been able to clean it up properly yet, since some of the bits of brick are still intact and too heavy to move.

Not exactly what we had in mind when we said we wanted to sort out our garden this spring…



For comparison, below is a photo of what the garden used to look like – with a view of that wall/fence. While the photo below is from before we bought the flat, and we don’t have the two boxes with green lids, it gives an idea. Basically, all of the fence/brick wall right of the grey shed is gone.


Fortunately, it seems to be possible to get most of it done on insurance. Still, a lot of work ahead…


Storm Katie — 2 Comments

    • Haha true! Insurance will cover most of the damage, but only to put it back to its original condition. We’ve been advised to pay a bit extra to improve it though, or they say there’s a great risk of it happening again with the way it was built apparently. I can’t wait for the garden to be sorted and summer to come around. I long for nice, long summer days lounging outside in the sun!

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