In Sweden we don’t get stockings for Christmas, so that was a new experience for me this year. At first, we weren’t sure that we would have any – because the boyfriend’s mother couldn’t find them. I wanted it to be a “perfect” Christmas though, so I ended up going out on Christmas Eve to grab a couple of stockings and some random bits and bobs to put in them.

Of course, we found out in the evening that she found them! So we ended up having two stockings each on Christmas Day (since she’d filled them too!!).

I’ve decided though, that I think stockings are a great tradition. Thinking back, I think we sort of cheesed the stocking thing a bit back in Sweden when I was a kid. Using regular stockings – but it wasn’t the same. Here, stockings seem to be a combination of a few bits and bobs and sweets. We just used it to give each of us kids one gift early – usually something to keep us busy until it was time for lunch and unwrapping the gifts.

I also got a stocking for Bailey – because, why not?

The problem is that the cool-looking candy cane makes him fart. Very, very stinky farts. So, maybe I will skip that next year…

The toy was wrecked in about five minutes – but at least he had fun the five minutes it survived! (And it was very cheap, so I guess it was worth it…)

Bailey got a stocking!

Bailey’s busy with his stocking!


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  1. I just realized this is the first year my mom didn’t do stockings! She would always have a mandarin orange, a candy cane, and a small thing (like new mascara small) in them.

    • I really do like this stocking tradition. The boyfriend’s mom had over-done it though. Our stockings were so full! And they’re quite big too. Mine had like three pairs of socks, two hand creams, an owl candle and some sweets. The English do like their stockings! (And I’m not complaining)

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