So, I went to Spain at the end of September, and it was lovely. I have the best friends, which is the only reason I’ve been able to travel this year to begin with. Since I’m sick, I basically have no money at all. I barely manage to pay my bills and feed myself. But my friends have stepped in and first brought me to The Netherlands, and now another friend was taking me to Spain.

Basically, my friend had planned a European Road Trip that fell through and had no where to go on vacation. I have access to my aunt’s apartment down in Spain. So my friend paid my flight ticket, and I could “offer” the place to live.

It was a great week. The weather was absolutely wonderful with 25-29 degrees Celsius every day. We had one day or so of a bit of cloudiness, but that was it. So.. what did I do in Spain? Honestly… Hardly anything! And it was great! I sunbathed, took it easy and relaxed, went to the ocean and swam. That was pretty much it, and nothing else was required. Sometimes it’s nice to just not do anything.

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