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My colleague is on vacation at the moment, which means I’m left to my own devices – and having to do all of the work myself. The work load varies a lot from day to day depending on how many people call in sick. Tuesday, for example, was hell. While today so far is actually really nice and relaxing. Only one person has called in sick so far. (Obviously I do a few other things too, but this is the most important bit that causes me the most stress.)

Tomorrow is a day off though, since it’s Midsummer’s Eve. Something we celebrate here every year. Since we’re still heathens deep inside. (It’s an old tradition since the days of worshipping the Norse Gods. It was a tribute to the Norse Gods Frey and Freya, to help with fertility and give you good harvests.) And we still celebrate it. Only now with less blood sacrifices, and more alcohol, strawberry cake and BBQs.

Yesterday I got this cool thing in the mail!

Too lazy to photoshop my name away. Please don't find me and kill me.

Too lazy to photoshop my name away. Please don’t find me and kill me.

It’s because my former employer was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2013. We’re all getting one of these, to show that we were part of it. Obviously, all I really did was help hire the people that did the actual work, since I was in HR… but still! It’s kinda cool.

I had another piece of good news yesterday as well. Recently I signed up for this sort of contest, where you get to test drive one of the new Toyota Hybrid cars for one month. You have to blog about it and stuff, and after everyone’s done it, (I think four people a month for one year) one person wins the car. I got through, and I’m now one of the 48 people that get to test drive a car for a month. Which means I will also have a 1 in 48 chance to win one! That last bit won’t be until May 2015. But I’m still quite happy. With a hybrid car, it means my fuel costs will be very small that month.

So, all in all, it’s been a pretty neat week!



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