Lately I’ve been working longer days on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 6.30 – which means driving into work while it’s still very dark (and very early!).

Today it wasn’t just dark, there was a snowstorm ongoing. I hate driving in snowstorms. During the day I can deal with them, for the most part. But when it’s dark, your headlights will light them up so much you can’t really see anything other than a million white flakes whirling around you. Visibility is awful.


Borrowed from Flickr, to give an idea for those not accustomed to snowstorms!

First snowstorm of the winter though. We’ve had a little bit of snow now and then, but it never lasted more than a few days. It’s still snowing out now, but not so much. I guess we’ll see if this snow sticks around.

I do hope we will have a little snow over Christmas. Not massive amounts, but a little bit – to give us a nice, snowy Christmas. Especially since it will be the boyfriend’s first Christmas in Sweden. So, I need it to make a good impression!

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