I seem to be in a slope lately, where I feel like I have no energy to do anything. All I really want to do is lie in bed an sleep all day. Which naturally I can’t do. I don’t really feel like playing any of my games, or doing any of the myriad of things I should be doing (revising, cleaning the house, re-arranging my wardrobe.. you know.. the fun stuff..).

It makes me feel bad because the boyfriend keeps coming up with suggestions like “let’s play this game together” or that game, or something. And I just never really feel like doing anything.

Somehow I need to find a way to claw myself our of this downwards slope, cause I’m not enjoying anything and it’s so incredibly frustrating. I want to enjoy things, and want to do things.

Four weeks from now I’m going to the UK to visit the boyfriend. Hopefully that will bring me out of this slope, if I haven’t managed before then.



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  1. When I feel that way, I stick to little things I can accomplish to start. Cleaning the counter, or the bath, or something small and quick, and then I move on gradually to bigger things. Trick myself into doing things.

    Or else, if I think it will help, I take one day to just watch Netflix.

    • Netflix sound like a great idea!

      But yes, the little things is what you have to do, I already have to do it that way a lot of times. But I think I need to start even smaller at the moment, just to get some momentum going. 🙂

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