Reign of Chaos

otherwise known as my life.

Everything has been turned up side down the past few months. I’m used to having my own place, going to work every morning, having a steady income. All that is now gone. I’m unemployed (well, in another week I am officially), I have no income and I don’t have my own place. Practically everything I own is in boxes and the furniture in pieces.

I never really liked it when things aren’t settled. Maybe I’m boring and old-fashioned, but I quite like being settled. Knowing where I’m at and where I’m going. Not having this makes me uncomfortable.

At least the room in my mom’s basement (where I’m staying for the time being) is nearing finished. I’m sleeping in my own bed again (I really missed it!) and I just have another.. 20 or so boxes to unpack.. Hmm.. don’t think I can fit it all in one room. Oh well, I’ll have to keep some stuff packed I guess until I get my own place.

On Sunday I’m going to go see the puppy I’m going to get. Or rather, choose which one. There are three males and I want a male, so I have a tough choice to make!


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