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I’ve pretty much completely failed the NaNoWriMo, but I’m okay with that. I knew it was going to be a stretch to do it this year, since I’m busy after having just moved countries etc. I might try again next year, we will see! In any case, I did get some writing done, even if it was nowhere near as much as I had hoped.

Things have been fairly busy here, while also not being busy. It’s odd, I know. Despite not working at the moment, the hours seem to disappear very quickly without me getting much done.

I have, however, unpacked all of my boxes. So there’s that. We ordered a few things from IKEA that we were missing, and we’ve built them (since you always have to do that!). There are still a whole bunch of things we want to get, but we will have to take it a few things at a time, since it would be much too expensive otherwise.

For now, we got ourselves a coffee table, two bedside tables and a new office chair for me. Plus a few random bits and bobs that we needed.


All of my books are unpacked, and pretty much filling up the two cabinets/book shelves that I brought with me. I keep pointing out to the boyfriend that I got rid of a lot of books, considering that my remaining one fits in two book cases compared to the five or so I had previously. He doesn’t seem to understand the magnitude of this. The man is obviously not a reader!

I still need to get some nails or hooks to put some pictures up on the walls. They still look a bit empty in places. There’s also a fair amount of organising of the closets that need to happen. There’s a lot of things that need to go in there. There’s a couple of closets/cupboards out in the hallway that I want to organise, but they’re frustratingly an odd size so none of the pre-made shelving systems will fit them. And it’s seriously only like a few centimeters missing too! Very frustrating!

In addition to trying to get the flat ready, I’m also looking for a job – which is turning out to be quite frustrating. More on that another day though, since this is getting quite long already.


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    • Haha! Very true! It’s just a shame that they’ve stopped selling the Swedish food/candies. Or, well.. they still are.. But they’re now selling their own crappy stuff instead of the Swedish brands like they used to, and it’s just not the same.

      Still! I can walk around and say that I actually know what the names of the furniture mean 😀

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