Radio Silence Incoming

We suspected it might be the case, but it has now been confirmed that we won’t have internet in the new flat for 1-2 weeks. Which is frustrating, but not surprising. Since I’m in a foreign country as well, I also won’t have access to mobile internet – since I only have a Swedish subscription still (and using that abroad would cost a fortune!).

This means that I won’t be able to update the blog for the next 1-2 weeks until we get the internet installed. With a bit of luck, it might be sooner… But let’s not talk about me and luck…

Anyway, just wanted to let anyone who’s checking here know – so that you don’t wonder what happened when it’s completely silent!

Why does it feel like I just got internet back, only to lose it again?

No internet... Again!

No internet… Again!


Radio Silence Incoming — 3 Comments

    • Haha yes! Last time I had no internet I got hooked on Dragon Age 😛

      This time I have a couple of Telltale Games I’d like to play. And also a few TV shows to catch up on. Not to mention that once my stuff arrives, I’ll be busy unpacking 🙂

  1. Så himla glad för din skull! Har för mig du alltid velat flytta till England. Dessutom verkar mannen din himla reko.
    (My apologies to all the non-Swedish readers, but my English leaves a lot to wish for after a busy day at work.)
    Fokusera på dina nära o kära i morgon! Du kommer kanske till Malmö fler ggr för att
    hälsa på lillasyster eller så. Min egen reslust
    har blivit ännu mindre på senare år, så jag
    lär vågar inte flagga för ett Englandsbesök
    inom den närmsta tiden.
    Kör försiktigt och försök skratta åt dråpliga situationer som dyker upp längs vägen!

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