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Just a quick note before I head off to the airport. This came in an e-mail recently:


Hooray, they liked me!

I’ve accepted the position, but before we know if I truly get it my medical has to be approved and the DBS check go through.  (DBS check is to make sure you’re not barred from working with children and/or people with special needs.)

I really hope that nothing goes wrong, but that everything is approved. If so, my tentative start date is February 4th, once I’m back in the UK. Fingers crossed!

So happy!


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  1. Early Congratulations to you!!!! I hope it all goes smoothly! what type of lessons will you be assisting with? Wonderful job too!!!
    Safe Journey <3 Wave as you kinda fly over 😉

    • Since it’s a special needs school I would be in all of the classes for a specific group. A lot of the classes are more practical than theoretical 🙂

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