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It’s now Sunday and we’re on the other side of all of the Christmas celebrations. This year was a bit odd for me, since it was only my second-ever Christmas away from Sweden and my family. The first time I celebrated Christmas away from home was when I was 20 and had moved to The Netherlands earlier that year. It had been my intention to go home for Christmas, but to my dismay the company I worked for didn’t allow any time off during November or December.

Christmas in the Netherlands was pretty abysmal. I don’t know if it’s changed now, since everything in Europe seems to become more and more Americanised, but at least my then-boyfriend’s family wasn’t celebrating Christmas much. So, not only did I miss out on all the lovely Swedish traditions, but Christmas was barely Christmas at all.

This year, I’ve been in England for Christmas – and it’s been nice, but also difficult. I do miss all the traditions my family has around the holidays when I’m away. Not to mention not being with my nephew and niece (who I’ve watched grow up), which is something I always enjoyed.Moa10

Even being in England, our celebrations ended up a bit odd, since the boyfriend’s sister was celebrating with her fiance on Christmas Day – so the big family thing ended up on Boxing Day.

On Christmas Eve, the boyfriend was still working – while I was on Skype watching my family back in Sweden opening their gifts. It was fun to get to join in like that, even if it’s nowhere near the same. My niece, who’s turning two in January, doesn’t quite understand the whole webcam thing – and will sometimes try to feed me through the iPad.

She was very adorable though. Every time she unwrapped a new gift, she ran over to the webcam to show me what it was. My nephew, the four year old, was handing out the gifts – and every time he picked one up to give he said “HO HO!”.


Christmas Day, the boyfriend and I ended up spending alone at home. It was our first Christmas alone in our new home. We had a good time though. In the morning we had our stockings, then we cooked some Christmas lunch, opened the gifts we had for each other, watched a movie… On the whole, a really nice day together.

Boxing Day, we went over to his parents’ house and celebrated with his parents and sister+fiance. I got to use Christmas Crackers for the first time (is that an English tradition – or do other countries have this too? The kind that you pull on to get some little gift out of?).

All in all, I’d say it was a nice Christmas – and I hope that everyone else has had a good one too!


Our Christmas Tree.


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  1. Hugs! Happy and sad all mixed up together!
    In NL, we still don’t celebrate Christmas as I know it, (no everyone gets a gift for example) but Sinterklaas is nuts! The kids start spinning in circles 1 Dec and don’t stop till after New Years (which they call “Old and New”…which drives me a bit crazy as it sounds like a second hand store slogan). All that said, Christmas here is much more Americanized than it used to be. Maybe one day, I’ll make a huge Christmas dinner and actually get a gift from my husband for once 😛

    • I don’t know if I could do without a “proper” Christmas *lol* It’s probably my favourite holiday! Maybe you should just start bringing in some US traditions in your home 😛 More gifts for everyone 😀 And Christmas dinner is a must!

  2. We have Christmas crackers! I would guess Canadian Christmas is similar to UK Christmas, based on UK Christmas specials. We opened our presents on the 26, and we did our big turkey dinner yesterday. My mom’s oldest brother joined us for that, which was nice. We also went sledding!

    • Sledding! I wish! Here it’s all rain and wind, not even cold enough for frost! It really doesn’t feel like winter at all.

      We didn’t do a turkey this year, since the boyfriend wanted to try making a ham (let’s not get into how that went though…) And the celebration at his parents house ended up being more of a pick and mix food table. Turkey isn’t exactly my favourite thing though, so I’m not complaining 😛

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