Post-Birthday Post

A week ago now it was my 31st birthday. It’s kind of crazy how fast time goes, and it’s odd to look back on your life and realise that you’re not quite where you thought you’d be at your current age.

But hey, I won’t complain – I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way and every experience teaches you something.

On my birthday last Saturday I had a party at my place which was a combination of my birthday party and a welcome-to-the-world-Viggo party. It was a lot of fun! I mainly asked for money for my birthday for a big shopping trip to this huge shopping mall that apparently a lot of Swedish people travel to.

So below, some photos from my birthday and the loot from the shopping trip!

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    • It was a lot of fun, though after the “Bid Day of Shopping” my back was killing me *lol*

      I saw that nightie from a distance and was all “omg I *have* to have that!” It’s not just Helly Kitty.. but NERDY Hello Kitty.. it really can’t get better! And who says 30somethings can’t wear Hello Kitty stuff, right?

  1. I love the butterfly!
    And I laughed cause I bought silly knickers with my birthday money last year too 😛
    You topped me by buying toilet roll though!!!! 😀

    Happy Belated Birthday though!!!! xxx

  2. *lol*! Oh yes I forgot about those. That store has literally everything, and a lot cheaper than regular supermarkets, so I guess some products like toilet rolls and cleaning stuff slipped into my cart.

    I love the butterfly as well – I already know where I want to put it, I might post a photo of the stuff once it’s up on the walls and everything. My apartment still looks a bit stripped since I moved into a bigger one and now find myself lacking in decorative things.

    Silly knickers are ftw!

  3. Ohh, happy belated birthday! That looks like a LOT of fun! I must admit to not having succumbed to Hello Kitty anything yet, but I suspect one day, one day it’ll happen. As for the watch, love it! One of my friends is having butterflies at her wedding, 1001 of them, she says, and she squeed when she found edible butterfly cake decorations. So, if we ever meet, I’ll have to bake you a very belated birthday cake with butterflies on it!

        • If I wasn’t incredibly scared of needles (and pain) I’d definitely get a butterfly tattoo! So jealous that you dared to get one!

          I never heard of those butterfly buns, but they looks great! Are they difficult to make?

          • You wouldn’t believe how scared of them I am, I mean I pass out as soon as one gets within 30cm of me 😛
            But I was blindfolded and held down lol!!!
            I wanted that tattoo so badly, and I’ll be honest, I had it on one of the most painful places, just below my ankle bone, so no muscle or fat to help the pain and still it barely hurt.
            The feeling reminded me of when you get sunburn and you scratch it, or a cat sitting on your lap and doing the happy thing when they dig their claws in!

            To make them, its a normal fairy cake (cupcake) hope it rises, cut the top off so its flat, and then chop that top bit in half to make wings then stick it all together with buttercream! So simple, yet so awesome!!! You can do them nice and fancy, but thats the bare simple idea!

            • I really wish I dared, I’d love a butterfly on the back of my shoulder, just above the shoulderblades!

              Oh that does sound fairly simple.. but then I’m not very good in the kitchen. I nearly took a photo of my kitchen the other day after I’d created a disaster when trying to cook and bake at the same time *lol* Multi-tasking in the kitchen apparently is not my thing.

          • Like Zoe, I’m also terrified of needles and pain! I had to have a child’s needle the last time someone needed to stick one in me!

            Having said that, I desperately wanted a tattoo to celebrate my 40th. I had the idea of a swan in the shape of an ankh in my head for ages, one of my friends did an awesome design for me, and I changed my mind from having it at the base of my back, to the top of my back (where I couldn’t see it being done!). In colour. It took 2 hours, I had a 10 minute break in that time – the tattoist needed a break! – and the only bit I found painful was the white around the edges of the wings. It felt a bit like having someone drawing on you quite heavily with a sharp pin. My body reacted kindly as I was having it done, and I came out on feeling pretty euphoric.

            (Image of it can be found here.

            If you DO ever decide to go for one, make sure you’ve had a meal beforehand, don’t go in on a low sugar level, and have a can of Coke or a chocolate bar with you too, in case you might need it afterwards.

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