Positive Things

Since I’m actually rather unhappy and worried at the moment about a myriad of reasons, I figured I will write a list of Positive Things About Being Unemployed. Because I need something positive.

So without further ado, there are the Positive Things About Being Unemployed:

  • I can sleep in and/or stay up late
  • Walking around in pajamas all day long is now possible (cause I’m classy like that!)
  • I get to write a lot of bad fanfiction (seriously, I’m just shy of 50 pages written so far… I need this motivation for my books!)
  • Catching up on TV-shows is easier with more spare time (I watched the entire first season of “The Last Man on Earth” in like two days)

Okay, I’m out. That’s all I can think of. Can anyone think of anything to add?


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    • Haha sadly I don’t own Mass Effect yet, maybe one day! Packing is mostly done, except for stuff I still use, but could do with going over it all once more. Definitely taking longer walks with the dog! No food atm, on a diet :/ Will get to that one once I decide that I’m allowed to eat again πŸ˜€

        • Oh, agreed! It’s just that I’m kick starting it with a few weeks of one of the diets that contains solely of shakes. πŸ™‚

          • Oh, those suck! Although they can be good at kicking off a lifestyle change – they have done studies that show changing your diet as a lifestyle option rather than as a “diet” diet works better in the long run, so planning healthy meals now might pay off. Lean meats, lots of veggies, smaller carb portions are probably the easiest way to eat healthy, and veggies are delicious when done right.

            I have managed to get my little brother eating salad lately. All I have to do is make sure it vaguely resembles Greek salad and he’ll eat it.

            I would totally gift you Mass Effect (it’s that awesome, I want everyone to play it always), but your internet connection would mean it would take weeks to download. πŸ™

            • Yeah, I’m hoping it will get me back into the habit of eating better, since I tend to eat only once or twice a day. With the shakes it’s four times a day, and I hope to keep that up. I know that losing weight is something I usually do from eating regularly. I’ve not gained weight in a few years, but also not lost any – so now time to kickstart a new habit! Or something πŸ™‚

              And that’s really sweet about ME, but yeah would take forever haha The boyfriend had his birthday the other day and it took me 5 minutes + half an hour of failed attempts to transfer him a 361 kb file!! (Made him a b-day card)

              He’s apparently seen us talking about ME while stalking the blog, because he’s asked if he should get it for me *lol* (I think it’s best to wait until I have proper Internet)

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