And it’s suddenly been over a week since I last posted. I’m a VBB (very bad blogger)!

Truth is, I’ve just been absolutely exhausted. Last weekend I ended up babysitting both the niece and nephew for 10 hours both Saturday and Sunday. Let me tell you, I have a new respect for parents who deal with their kids 24/7, because I was completely wrecked after those two days. Did you know that 1,5 year olds somehow manage to be everywhere and in everything all at the same time?

We ended up going to the playground on Saturday, because I desperately needed to get out of the house with them for a bit. It turned out to be not quite as successful as I had hoped though since I brought Bailey, and he would bark every time we got more than a few feet away from him. And naturally, Moa thought it was great fun to run as far away as possible.


On Sunday we stayed home, but had some help in the form of one of my 17 year old brother. I basically bribed him with dinner if he came out to lend a hand. Kicked a football around for a bit in the garden, played on the swings and “baked” chocolate balls. I say “baked” since there’s no actual baking involved, just stirring things together and rolling them into balls.

Since then, I’ve basically been trying to recover. While trying to give a hand with the nephew who has been here all week (niece goes home on Monday mornings since my brother only has her over the weekend still).


And now I have a cold. I hate being sick.

I’m really tired though, and I need to not be because I have a whole list of things to do. Any suggestions on something that can get me some energy, and is basically not speed?

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