Oh, C’MON!

I’m getting pretty tired of all the bad luck I’m having. Today I was meant to go visit a friend that lives about an hour’s drive from here – I come out this morning only to find my car with a punctured tyre. I mean, c’mon what are the odds?? That was definitely annoying. Waiting for someone to give me a hand and see what we can do to fix it, or at least help me put the spare on. But of course the spare tyre isn’t meant to be used for long drives, but only for getting around briefly while getting the other fixed.

Other than that my leg is getting better, though of course I’m still limping. Going down in July for what is hopefully one final x-ray and then I also need to have a chat with the doctors about all of the “junk” in my leg – whether or not it will stay or I have to have a small surgery to get rid of it.

Can’t think of anything else new really, mainly annoyed about my car at the moment.


Oh, C’MON! — 2 Comments

  1. “Think happy thoughts” hjälper inte riktigt längre. Tror du måste offra ngt till internetgudarna. Kanske Marabou hade funkat? 🙂
    Eller prova att ge bilen en liten klapp o prata snällt med den. Det brukar funka på våra maskiner på jobbet iaf.. hehe.

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