Not even…

So I managed to miss my first Sunday. I said I would post every Sunday, and the first one that comes along, I forget! At one point yesterday I was actually thinking about the fact that I needed to get online to post, but then it simply slipped my mind since I was doing a lot of other things.

I’m reading a book at the moment, and I don’t actually like it, but once I start a book I generally want to finish it. Maybe I want to give it the opportunity to better itself. But in this case it doesn’t look too good. In its defense it was written in the era of the bodice-rippers, but that doesn’t help much if you were never much into those stories. The motivations of the main characters are simply not believable, and the way the act and react.. it’s just horrible. I swear I actually cringe at some points.

Then there is this one tiny little detail that always bothers me. Why.. Why do people have their characters ride a stallion? I’m not a horse fanatic, but even I know that you don’t ride stallions. They’re too spirited. And when the heroine actually had her own stallion.. well, that wasn’t believable at all. I’m sorry. Sure, maybe there’s the odd time when someone rides a stallion, but it’s not very common because of the less than pleasurable traits stallions usually display.

Does anyone else have any pet peeves? Or books that simply aren’t your cup of tea?


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