I was looking for something recently and discovered something that made me very unhappy… Somehow, in the last re-format of my C: drive, I managed to forget to transfer a couple of folders. Not just any folders, but the ones containing my old stories and stuff. The things I wrote when I was a teenager. Not awesome things, but still… It was things I had created. It also included some fan fiction I wrote a few years ago.

It’s incredibly frustrating. But I guess I should be happy that at least I didn’t forget to copy over my books.

Just in case, I’ve now uploaded my books to my Google Drive for backup. Fortunately I did manage to find at least some of my stories in HTML copies in a backup folder for an old website. I’ll work on putting them back into a normal format, and then I will put them on the Google Drive for backup as well. I might even make a separate page here on the blog to keep them for an extra copy. And who knows, maybe someone wants to read them and laugh at the stuff I wrote as a teenager..

I’m just glad I found copies of most of them, even if I have to pull them from a bunch of old folders and weird formats. At least with some time put in to put them in a normal-looking format – they’re still there. Imagine my horror when I first realised the folders were gone though…


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