New Year’s Weekend

The New Year’s weekend at Isle of Wight was really nice. The cottage was absolutely beautiful, and absolutely huge! We didn’t get to explore the island much, since the weather was absolutely dreadful. Think gale winds and heavy rain. Oh, there was even a brief thunderstorm.

Let me tell you, I did not enjoy the ferry to get there or back with those waves! Going back home was the worst, because we were sitting so that I could look outside, meaning that I not only felt the waves, I could see exactly how much we were listing. (Actually, can you use that word like that? Tilted?)

The days in the cottage were great though. We watched a couple of movies, ate a lot of food, drank a lot, played board games. Typical weekend away with your friends I guess. And I can now proudly say that I have played Exploding Kittens (very fun – and seems to be more fun the meaner you are to the other players!).

At around the 50 hour mark of being with other people non-stop, I was having a bit of a difficult time though. I can never quite pinpoint why or what is wrong, it’s just that feeling of everything being too much right at that moment, and I feel tired and like I want to cry. Which is a very odd feeling. I snuck out for a bit and sat alone in our bedroom for a little bit, which helped some.

On the whole, it was a good weekend though, and I’m glad we did it. I’m horrible at taking photos though, so eh, here’s one of the two I took the whole weekend.

This was the view from the upstairs window. I managed to take it during the four hours when we had decent weather. (After this it was back to heavy rain.)

This was the view from the upstairs window. I managed to take it during the four hours when we had decent weather. (After this it was back to heavy rain.)



New Year’s Weekend — 4 Comments

    • Yay! I got a word right 😀

      It’s difficult to explain to people, isn’t it? The boyfriend knows I’m an introvert, and he’s learning – but being an extrovert himself, he doesn’t quite understand it (yet?).

  1. I loved the ferry ride, but that was probably mostly due to the hilarious signs they had up in the bathroom facilities. Our weather was probably calmer in late May (although raining and somewhat choppy), though, so no sea-sickness for me.

    I don’t think it’s much of a mystery what is going on when you get that people overload feeling. That’s just being an introvert! I find the trick to surviving as an introvert is to smack other people upside the head with what that means for you and then don’t apologize for taking time off from them. The whole world seems slanted towards extroverts, but there are enough introverts out there that someone is bound to understand what you mean and how you feel!

    re: your comment on the other post, I informed At that I’ve been invited to live in the UK, so I’ve packed my bags and am heading off! I wish! In reality, the next time I make it over will probably be in 2017 or 2018 to visit my in-laws in Malta. They have a four story building there though, so I’ll keep you posted and invite you along whenever it happens!

    • I never saw the bathroom signs.. I had my ass firmly planted in a seat the whole ride and didn’t budge an inch! *lol*

      No one actually questioned my absence when I disappeared for a bit. So I don’t know if they understand, or if they just allow everyone a bit of privacy. The one or two times I’ve met the girls on my own, I’ve sort of dropped some hints about me needing a break from people at times. But it’s still a new sort of friendship for me (even if the boyfriend has known them for years), so I don’t want to go full out “I’m an introvert – leave me alone sometimes!” quite yet 😀

      Oh, Malta is beautiful. I mean, it’s basically just a large rock… But it’s still beautiful. I was there once like.. 10 years ago or so *lol* Really enjoyed it! That’ll be a great vacation for you guys. It’s the only time I’ve ever done the tour group thing – I went on a day-trip to explore the other two islands. One of them we zapped around on in a jeep, while the other we just sort of circled around on a boat (and then went snorkling). According to the tour guide there’s nothing on the smallest island but a couple of people and lots of goats (or sheep.. or something).

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