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I think that we need to look over the laws regarding rape here in Sweden. Apparently now it’s okay to rape a woman if you can claim that you didn’t realize that you were.

Maybe I’m harsh, but I think that rape is rape. If the court says the woman was raped, the man should be convicted even if he says he didn’t realize that’s what he was doing. Otherwise I can’t help but feel that we risk a lot of people claiming that they “didn’t realize”.

The reason I’m writing about this now is because a man was just let off because he thought the woman’s screaming and saying no was just the “way she liked it”. Just no. If you’re someone who likes it rough, if you want to say no but mean yes… Then you use a safe word. If there’s no agreed upon safe word… Assume that the no means fucking no!!

This man gets away with having covered her mouth and nose when she started screaming, slapping her… Vaginal and anal sex… All just because he can claim that he thought that’s what she wanted. The woman screamed so much her throat swelled up!

And the court agrees with her that from her POV, she was raped. But from the man’s she was not. So he walks. How is that right?

Maybe if he was convicted the next person would think an extra time and consider that no means no?


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  1. Are you serious? I mean, I can SORT OF see the logic of that in a case where a woman says no and then doesn’t fight (since they tell us not to fight so we don’t get killed…), but not when she was screaming. “I thought she liked it that way” doesn’t make sense. It’s not a believable defense to me. Are there some details about why he seems to have thought screaming meant enjoyment? :/

    • Apparently he had been with other women previously who liked it rough/being dominated. And he said her “no”s sounded the same as those previous women. I just find it rather presumptious to believe that someone likes it rough or being dominated if you’ve not discussed it beforehand. You’re on very dangerous ground if you’re going to start assuming that when someone says no they want to be dominated. Just because other partners in the past have liked it doesn’t mean every woman does.

      Even if he did seriously believe that she was enjoying it, I just think there should be some kind of conviction or punishment. Maybe not as severe as someone “with intent” as they were phrasing it.. But still something to show that the woman was raped. Maybe it would help him double check in the future that his partner wants it rough and isn’t actually screaming for real…

      • It should ALWAYS be discussed beforehand! If that is the only thing I’ve taken away from the discussion around “Fifty Shades of Grey” is discuss, discuss, discuss, and make sure you have educated consent!

        He should definitely be punished. He’s full of crap.

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