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After lots of back and forth, I have decided to move everything to the new blog. It’s too much work to update two different blogs, and I just can’t do it. As much as I love this blog, I think the new one has a cleaner, simpler name – and so that’s the one I’m going to stick with. It also really sounds like me. I’ve never really been one to seize the day as it is, I’m a worrier and someone that has to think about things before I do them. Preferably for days or weeks.

The Struggling Writer sounds a lot more like me. I am want to be a writer, and I struggle daily. Not just with writing, but just about everything, really.

So, if you’d like to continue to read about me and my albeit boring life, please head on over to my new address:

Update: Everything I’ve written is now consolidated onto my first ever domain, and will remain there.

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