My Brain is Melting (7)

Well, I guess it’s not literally melting – but you know.. it’s in pain. Or my head is in pain at least, so I figured that either my brain is melting or there’s a little gnome inside with a big sledgehammer. I kind of preferred the idea of the melting brain since a little dude inside my head is even scarier.

I’ve had this headache for more than 12 hours now (I think it’s rather approaching 20 by now) and it just refuses to go away. I eventually caved in and tried some pain killers (I normally would take them earlier but I was out on my regular ones, and had to take ones that normally don’t work for me) but they didn’t work  – (as expected).

So I’m sitting at work and counting down the hours until I can go home and lie down. Or if my head explodes before then. Or wait, no, my brain has melted  – cause it’s not a gnome with a sledgehammer!

I think I’m just stressed, and that’s causing the headache probably. I’ve got a lot going on and lots of things I’m worrying about (yep, I’m the worrying kind) which makes me stress, and I’m not as stress resilient as I was before I got sick *sigh*

Oh well, enough complaining – I need to get back to work (and counting down the hours).

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