Moving Update

Things are proceeding with the move, despite several setbacks in regards to the flat that the boyfriend is buying. We’re frustrated, because it’s taking a lot longer than we were hoping for – and all because one of the solicitors is slow in sending documents through, or sends documents with errors in them! The contracts were meant to be signed ages ago, but it’s just dragging out in time.

At this rate, we will be happy if we get everything done in time, and I really hope that we do, cause otherwise we have to re-schedule my move.

Hopefully the papers will be signed this coming week, and then the sale will be completed (ie. he will be given the keys) next week.

As for me, the moving company is coming to pick my stuff up on Wednesday 14 October. Then my mom and her partner will drive me down in two weeks over the weekend. (We will meet the boyfriend in Calais, France where he will pick me and Bailey up.)

We did get some potentially bad news though. The flat that the boyfriend is buying is what is called a “leasehold”, which means that whoever owns the “freehold” can stipulate rules for you living there. One of the rules they apparently have is that pets are only allowed with freeholder’s written permission. So that could potentially be very bad. Hopefully we will get the permission to keep Bailey there. It’s a silly rule honestly, because we only have one neighbor (upstairs).


After talking it through, we did decide to go ahead with getting the flat. Because it’s got pretty much everything that we’ve been looking for, and no other place we’ve looked at (and we’ve looked at quite a lot!) has come even close to being this good. If they deny us keeping Bailey, we will see if a friend can take care of him for a while as we appeal/try to make a case.

I’m hoping that it won’t even be an issue though, and that they will just agree to let us have him in the property. He’s nearly nine years old, so no young dog. If we’re lucky maybe the neighbors already have a dog, in which case I think it would be difficult for the freeholder to deny us having one.

So, fingers crossed for two things now. 1) That everything goes well with the purchase and that it’s all completed soon and nothing goes wrong. 2) Approval to have Bailey in the flat.



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    • Yeah, we’re definitely trying not to freak out at this point *lol* If the documents are delayed too much we will have to postpone my travel (and the delivery of my stuff from the moving company). I really hope that won’t be the case!

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