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Some time ago I was raving about the tv-series Sherlock, after having just discovered it (later than the rest of the world, as usual). Since then I’ve watched all three seasons (easy to do since there’s only three episodes in each!), and I quickly found myself having Sherlock Holmes withdrawals.

So, I started watching Elementary. The US version of Sherlock Holmes. Now, I don’t think that you can compare the two shows; they’re quite different. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a second Sherlock Holmes, since Benedict Cumberbatch is just… awesome.


But truth be told.. Jonny Lee Miller makes a version of Sherlock that’s unique to him. And I love this version too!

Elementary is more of a typical tv-series in that it’s got the 40ish minutes long episodes and about 20 of them. While Sherlock of course have the three, hour and a half long ones instead that feel like little movies. Both work.

I did find it interesting that they turned Dr Watson into a woman. And without the typical tv-series “will they – won’t they”. On some level I’d have liked a romance between Watson and Sherlock, since they have such a bromance in all other adaptions. But at the same time I quite enjoy the fact that they don’t.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Mycroft at first, since he was so very different to the Sherlock version. But he grew on me as well.

Elementary is a show in its own right. And as long as you can disconnect it from the show Sherlock – you should be able to enjoy it.

Have you watched Elementary and if so, what did you think? If not… go watch it!


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    • I have! I loved them! Quite different to both of the TV-shows, but that’s not necessarily bad. The chemistry between Downey Jr and Law is amazing.

      In the second one there’s a Swedish actress as well, which naturally makes us Swedes go all “Oh yeah, we’re something”

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