More Good News

Today I’ve been told that the company where I do my work training is going to be offering me a 1 year contract. It’s a special kind of work training related contract with no expectation of the employer to continue it after the 1 year (though of course they can if they want to with a normal contract). It’s a great opportunity for me and I’m really happy.

What it basically means is that I continue as I do now – but I actually get a salary! Can you imagine? Money? Me? It’s a foreign concept to me right now. It’s not an awesome salary or anything, and I don’t even know the details yet – but if it’s something along the lines of what I’ve been told it’s still way more than I get now. (Then of course what I get now is next to nothing, so beating that is kind of easy!)

In short: I’m happy.

Next week I will get more information about it – so I’m looking forward to that. 🙂


More Good News — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks everyone for the happy thoughts 🙂

    And yes, Anna – I think once I get my salary a new phone is in order. My current one is starting to act very strangely indeed 😛

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