Mistakes and Holidays

I originally made this site for two reasons. 1) I wanted to have a more private blog where I could write whatever I felt like and 2) I really liked the idea of the name! I’ve already messed up number one, because I just can’t keep myself from telling people about the blog. Whether it’s because of some self-serving need of wanting people to actually read what I write, or feeling guilty when people ask where I write now and not telling them.. I couldn’t tell you. Maybe a bit of both?

In any case.. This blog is no longer “secret”, which means that I am – yet again – more limited in what I can write about. There are stuff I’d like to write about. Because I think better when I get things down in writing, and also, I quite enjoy being able to get someone else’s take on it. But I can’t write about it here. Go me. Maybe I’ll make a temporary little place where I just send the link to the people who can give me input (or laugh at my troubles.. as I know one friend likes to do!), or I’ll just have to deal with not being able to write about it.

That was the Mistakes bit of the title. Now onto the Holidays! After my friend Angi and her daughter Alyiah were here to visit, they invited me down to The Netherlands. I went there for about a week at the end of July/early August and it was a lot of fun! I got to meet her new family, who were all really great people, and I got to go back to my old hometown The Hague a couple of times. My friend actually lives in Delft, which is an adorable town, just outside of The Hague.

I’d love to go back and visit them again sometime, but it’s difficult to find the money, not to mention finding someone to look after my dog!

Anyway, below are some photos from the trip.


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    • Yes, sorry for disappearing on you! I had planned to continue writing and commenting on other blogs when I was gone.. until I realised my laptop keyboard is wrongly wired.. It messes up everything, driving me insane!

    • Oh, I’m not going anywhere šŸ™‚ I will still be writing here, I was just writing about the frustration of not being able to write absolutely everything I want to write about šŸ™‚

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