Messing Around

I’ve been messing around with the theme for the website a bit, but I can never get it the way I want it, it seems. WordPress isn’t letting me easily change the menu for example. I’d like to have it match the little menus for my sidebar, but nope! Changing the font of the menu/titles… Also not something it’s happy for me to do. At least the theme isn’t quite as dark and gloomy anymore though, which is something!

Now, if only I could make a decent looking header! But for that I think one may need to know a bit more about Photoshop than yours truly..

Still, I shouldn’t complain too much – because I still prefer this new version to the previous one. Also, it has an owl. Nothing can be entirely bad if there’s an owl.

Hmm… Wondering if I should make a version of this theme for my WoW site. It could use a face lift, and be less dark and gloomy as well. Much to ponder!


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