Merry Christmas!

I guess Christmas is nearly over by now, but I wasn’t able to write yesterday since we had a storm and lost electricity for most of the evening. We ended up driving to mom’s and spent the night there, since no electricity also means no water in my house.

In Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve, with a typical Swedish cuisine. This means meatballs, special sausages and something called Janson’s Frestelse (Frestelse = Temptation). And yes, yes we do eat meatballs on Christmas. Instead of turkey we have a special mustard-glaced ham. The ham is eaten cold (often on bread).

Typical Swedish Christmas Food

After dinner we handed out the gifts. Instead of our typical handing them out and then everyone opening theirs all at the same time, we tried something new year since we wanted to make it last longer. We would give one gift at a time, and everyone would watch that person open it. While this meant the whole thing took about an hour, it was nice since you got more of a chance to see what everyone got.

I forgot to take a picture of our tree this year, which is a shame cause it was a beautiful one. I stole this photo from my sister, but unfortunately it was taken with a mobile and a bit fuzzy.

Our Christmas Tree

Baby Viggo probably got the most gifts out of everyone, but I’m very happy with mine. I got some nice bits and bobs, but also a gift certificate to IKEA (yes, I realise this must seem very Swedish) so that’s where I’m heading this week!

Tomorrow we make the three hour drive to dad’s, which means a second Christmas of sorts. We will be staying there until after New Year’s, so this blog may be a bit quiet until I’m back. Though I’m bringing my laptop, so you never know.

How was everyone else’s Christmas?

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