Long Day

Today I’ve been babysitting my nephew for most of the day, since my brother was working from 14.30 to 21.30. We had a nice day though, but didn’t do anything special. Just hung out around the house, walked the dog and watched a movie. Took a bath, read a book. You get the idea.

Internet is back finally. Woohoo! Not that I’ll notice since I’m leaving tomorrow.

Oh, and we got confirmation that we can come and view the flat again on Thursday afternoon. So – yay! I’ll get to see it! And on my birthday too!

I really should be packing. I’m an awful last-minute kind of person. It’s possibly why I forget half the things I want to bring too. Possibly.

So, yes – tomorrow I’ll get to see the boyfriend again!



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  1. Happy early birthday! I hope the place is exactly as wonderful as you hope, and that your trip is full of fun and beautiful weather and zero allergic reactions!

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