… or the lack of it. I thought about it when reading something my sister wrote about not having much of a life. So I started to think about my life. Do I have one?

Well, I’d like to believe so. Maybe it’s a life that’d bore some people, but then I’m sure that their lives would bore me.

I enjoy the simple pleasures. Like writing, reading… watching a good movie. Now and then I like meeting a friend for a coffee or dinner. Or going to the cinema. This life might seem boring to those who love to surround themselves with people and friends at all times, people who love to go out drinking and dancing (I like going out for a drink.. but once every 6 months or so is sufficiently often for me; dancing? Forget it!) Then there are the people who love going to the gym, they do it several times a week. I’m sorry, I must admit that I never managed to find any joy in that. It bores me to death. Sure, I’ll go rollerblading in the park, or take a walk.. but push myself into a gym? Never.

I love spending hours writing… Creating characters, plots and events. That’s what I do. While others might go crazy by being alone, I fill the lonely hours with imaginary people (no, I’m not insane, send those men in white coats back where they came from!). We all have our own pasttimes I guess.

Bored yet? I don’t blame you.

Today I was planning to go into town to look for some office clothes, but when it comes down to it I can’t be bothered. Next weekend (or possibly tomorrow) will be soon enough. This afternoon however I am going to go and buy a new couch. I’m very much looking forward to some changes in my livingroom. I think it’ll look much better once I’m done. (Though I don’t look forward to having to put the new tv-bench together piece by piece… That’s IKEA furniture for you… Do it yourself!)

What kind of things bore you? Reading blogs? How do you fill your spare time (you know, those few hours between coming home from work and bed time.. I think there’s about 10 of them in a full week… *sigh*)

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