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I’m a “last minute” kind of person, and have been for as long as I can remember. Naturally, having CFS and the energy of… I don’t know… What has no energy? Anyway… with lack of energy, the “last minute” thing has become even worse, because I can’t pull myself together enough to do anything until the very last moment when I have to.

Tomorrow I’m traveling to the UK to visit the boyfriend again. Hopefully this time sans allergic reaction. That’d be swell. So universe… You got that covered, right?

I’ll be there for just over a week, traveling back on Sunday the 19th. It’s part of our plan of eventually having a life together that we will see each other more often, and compared to our original meetings that were 9 months and then 12 months apart… We’re doing awesomely now! Last year we saw each other three times, and this year we’re seeing each other already in January. Now we just need to make sure we keep the momentum and keep seeing each other regularly.

So, regarding the “last minute” comment… I haven’t packed yet. And it’s nearly 10 pm. It’s always like that though. I don’t think I’ve ever packed for a trip until just before bed time. It appears to be an impossibility in the Em-universe. The packing isn’t that big a deal though, it’s quite quickly done. It’s the preparing the house for my younger brother I to stay here that takes some time. He’s kind enough to take care of the pets while I’m away. But it means I have to… Maybe get rid of some of the resident dust bunnies. And similar things.

Sitting by the PC is a lot more fun though, wouldn’t you agree?

Fine! Fine! I will try to go and do something useful. Wish me luck tomorrow that I don’t…

a) hit a moose with my car
b) experience a plane crash.


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  1. Latex-free things! Latex is a common allergy, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find something free of it. 😉

    Have a good trip! I’m sure you won’t hit a moose or be in a plane crash.

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