Just My Luck

I’m haunted. I’m not joking. I’m seriously haunted by bad luck at the moment. I must have done something really bad to anger the luck fairies or something. And this is all in exception to the whole hitting the wall-depression-quitting my job and moving to Sweden thing…

Let me recount…

  • I’m planning to sell my car since I’m moving to Sweden. Some jerk hits it with his car during the night messing up my fender so I figure out it’s not gonna bring in any money anymore.
  • I miss my check-in time for my flight home for Christmas by 4 minutes. 4 minutes! All just because the taxi came and picked me up too late, and then there was a traffic jam.
  • Above mentioned car is meant to drive to Sweden, and the morning before I’m leaving I find that someone’s clear off smashed the side mirror and it’s hanging halfway down the side of the car.
  • I find out the the rules in Sweden suck and I can’t get unemployment benefits because I worked for a UN organisation and we’re exempt from certain things while employed.. so hey, now you have to live on air!
  • I drive to my dad’s place and we forget my lovely, new digital camera in the car. The next morning we find the car window smashed to bits and the camera gone.. Then it takes 5 days to find a new, matching window.
  • I cannot for the life of me find the car’s registration papers. They must have gotten lost in the move, and I need them to register the car in Sweden.

A lot of my bad luck seems to stem from my car. Maybe it’s cursed.. Maybe it’s Christine. Damn you, Stephen King!


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  1. Åh i dag har jag tur, kommentarfunktionen funkar varannan gång ungefär.

    The car seems haunted yeah.. Scary, maybe you can do a book on that 🙂 Hugs and purple birds!

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