Just a few more days…

It’s crazy to think that it’s only a few more days left before I leave for the UK, and the next chapter of my life. Definitely a big step, but I am looking forward to it. Sure, it’s a bit scary – but life would be very boring if we never pushed ourselves to try something new.

This week is a bit calmer than last week, but still a bit busy in the sense of trying to squeeze in as much visits and things as possible before leaving.

Tuesday I have to get the final part of my U2 (the paper needed to request to have my jobseeker’s allowance in the UK for 3 months) signed off by the jobseeker’s agency. I had hoped to get it done last week, but as it turns out – no one was in the local office. So tomorrow I’m driving over to another town (where they apparently are on Tuesdays and Thursdays), to finally get my signatures.

I might take one final trip to the tip (or dump, depending on where you’re from?) with some things that’s neither coming nor being given to my brother.

Wednesday is a calm day, fortunately. Though I’ll probably go see my friend for a last visit before the move. Knowing us, we’ll end up watching a horror movie and gossiping for most of the visit.

Thursday is one of the busiest days. I have to take Bailey to the vet to get him a tapeworm treatment. It’s something that’s required to bring him into the UK without quarantine. He’s already had his rabies vaccination, which – together with being microchipped – were the other requirement. The tapeworm treatment has to be done within 5 days of arriving, so it’s quite important to get sorted.

After that, I have to go help my grandma out for a bit. An appointment at the local clinic for my B12 injection. Then in the late afternoon/early evening – the whole family is getting together for a dinner. It’ll be a nice way to see them all before I leave on Friday.

Exciting times!


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