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I’ve sent my CV out to so many places since I moved here, but it’s only now that I’m finally starting to hear back. I guess before Christmas just wasn’t a good time, despite a lot of jobs being posted. Hopefully I will hear back from a few more places.

I went to one interview last Wednesday, my first one in ages! It went well, but they didn’t offer me the job, despite saying I was fantastic. The job was only for 12 hours a week, and they felt that I wanted more than that (which is true), and they couldn’t offer enough for me soon enough. However, they did really like me and asked to keep my details on file (they’re a quickly expanding company), so that they can get in touch with me if they have something else opening up.

I have another interview on Tuesday, which is quite different to me. The previous one was an admin assistant type job – but this next interview is actually as a teacher’s assistant at a school for children with learning difficulties. It could be physical disabilities, or children on the autism spectrum etc. So not like anything I have ever done before.

Still sending my CV out to jobs that seem interesting, since I do need something fairly soon. I can probably sustain myself another month or so. But I definitely need something by beginning of March at the very latest (preferably before then).

I hate the job seeking process, but I’m glad to finally have heard back from a couple of places. And hearing that I was fantastic at a job interview definitely helped boost my confidence. It was quite demoralising sending my CV out to so many places before Christmas and not hearing back from a single one.

Fingers crossed that I get something soon!


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  1. I think before Christmas is tough because there are so many temp jobs around that season, so when someone is looking for a permanent one they can get passed up.

    I am excited to hear you’re hearing back from people finally! It is definitely demoralizing to never hear back from anyone when you send out a ton of résumés.

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