I’ve been gone

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written (again). It’s partly because I’ve been in England for a week visiting the boyfriend, but also because the week before that I had the cold from hell and was pretty much out of commission. The week before the cold I was just feeling generally miserable, and I also took a tumble down the stairs because they were covered in ice. Ouch!

Anyway, I am now back home – and my cold is nearly entirely gone. I felt very guilty the week in England because I was still coughing a lot, and my voice was definitely not normal. It’s bad enough keeping yourself awake with coughing during the nights, it’s even worse keeping other people awake!

Due to not feeling well, we didn’t do much last week. It was still nice to see each other again though, and I could relax and do some reading during the days when everyone was at work.

It’s now only four weeks left of my work contract. So odd to think I won’t have a job to go to soon.

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