After work today I will be off to Spain with my sister and her friend. It’s going to be great with some time off – as you may have realise I’ve not been feeling that well lately, so getting some free time will be extra nice.

I mainly intend to take it easy and enjoy the sun (hopefully!) and swim. I love swimming!

Yesterday was a bank holiday, but I was certainly kept busy even if not at work. I had to pack, do laundry and prepare for the trip. I decided to put new bedsheets on the bed so I come home to a clean bed in a week – but before I could do that I had to spend 15 mins removing cathair! (Who knew such a small thing could have that much hair?)

I changed to my new set of bedclothes that I bought some time ago, and I have to say I’m quite pleased with how they turned out. What do you think?


My new bedclothes. I love purple, and flowers.. so they suit me quite well.



A close-up to give a better view of the pattern.

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