It’s ours! (Pretty much)

Okay, so we’ve been pretty certain that the flat was going to be ours for some time, but yesterday the boyfriend finally got to do the exchange. So now it’s nearly certain. As with everything, things could still fall through, but the chances of that at this point are quite slim. So, exchange was yesterday – and he will be getting the keys on the 22nd!

Happy Dance!

Happy Dance!

It gives him very little time to move in himself before I arrive (since he has to go pick me up on the 25th), but at least we got it before I was meant to come – so that’s something. Poor guy is very stressed about it though.

New Home.

Our flat is the downstairs of this building. The little patch at the front with the flowers belong to our flat apparently. (Do they not know that I don’t have green fingers, but fingers of death and decay???) In the back, there’s also a little garden, which I’m very happy about. When I lived in the Netherlands I didn’t have a garden, not even a balcony! So having a little patch of grass makes me happy.



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