It’s Monday… again

I’m like Garfield the cat – I hate Mondays. There’s just something special about them, don’t you think? Probably the whole “getting back to work after a nice weekend” thing. And at the moment I shouldn’t really complain since I only “work” for a couple of hours per day. But you still can’t escape the Monday feeling.

Tonight I barely slept at all, so I was pretty dead this morning. When I got back home from my work training I fell asleep again, which was probably a good thing. It was just one of those nights when you toss and turn and never seem to fall asleep. Then you suddenly slept for maybe 20 minutes and are awake again.

Saturday was Halloween, didn’t do anything big or anything (unlike my sister and her big party hehe) – but I had my two brothers and a cousin here and we watched some movies and ate lots of not-so-healthy stuff. On the whole it was a good evening 😉

I think I had a moments insanity the other day. I had a look at I blame my brother, he’s gotten into his head that he wants to be an uncle (and whines that I’m a slacker) and keeps saying I should get on and make him one. I vary between telling him no one would want me anyway, and to bug our sister instead. For now I’m quite happy with just being me and Bailey+Saga. What could beat the happy face of your dog when you return home after being out?

Tomorrow I have a meeting with someone about sleeping badly etc. They have ordered some special kinda “chain-duvet” that’s supposed to help you sleep better. I’m gonna be their guniea pig and the first one to try it. I will have it for a month (unless it doesn’t help at all and I just return it straight away). If it does work I know someone I might recommend it to!

Well, that’s all from me for now. Signing out.


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  1. Jag har varit alldeles för dålig på att kommentera. Jag blev riktigt glad över den lilla hinten i slutet 🙂
    Har du börjat testa det? Hur funkar det i såna fall?

    Många kramar härifrån! (även om du inte vill)

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