It’s final

For two years I’ve been working at this company in a sort of “rehabilitation” fashion. The first year I was just sort of there, nothing was official and I just showed up and did my thing (getting no money for it).

The second year I finally got this special kind of contract that they offer to people like me that is government funded. The whole point of the contract is to allow sick people to get back into a working life and you can mess about with the hours you work and find the amount that works for you.

It’s really a neat thing for people like me, and for the employers as well. Since it’s government funded the employer only have to pay 20% of your salary – even if you end up working 100%.

I was hoping for one more year of this kind of contract, because I’m not at 100% yet (I was close in early summer – but I was doing so badly my doctor/therapist had me scale back down to 50% for now). And I could have had one as well – had they not changed the rules and decided to enforce them.

Now the company where I work needs this special thing, which they don’t have – and obviously won’t get just for one person who’s not even a “proper” employee. It’s not a small thing either, but a really big one. So basically.. when my contract ends on September 30th – that’s it. I can no longer work in the place where I’ve been for two years.

This makes me sad of course. And frustrated. And so many other feelings. But there is nothing I can do about it. You can’t really get the government to back on their rules. So it’s final.

I don’t quite know what I’ll do after the end of September. I have to find a new place to work – but it has to 1) have the thing this company does not 2) actually be okay to take someone like me in (let’s be fair, it’s not just like hiring a new employee).

It’s difficult because I live in a very small town as well and we don’t have that many companies to begin with.

I’m feeling pretty worried and stressed about the whole situation (how could I not?), but I’m trying to take a deep breath and think that it will sort itself out. It’ll be all right. But then the other voice inside me reminds me of all the problems that come with this.

But! Deep breaths.. It’ll be all right. It has to be.


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  1. Em, that sounds like a difficult situation to be in. I’m really sorry. However, on a probably completely unhelpful count-your-blessings note – at least you live in a progressive enough country where this type of arrangements actually exists IRL not just in the fevered thoughts of a policy maker! Ok, preaching over with.

    Change is unsettling for most people (except for the few odd ones who thrive on uncertainty – of which I’m not one and I don’t get the impression you are either) but you sound like you’ve done well at the company you are with. Think of the skills that you’ve honed and the experience that you’re gained. Think of how lovely your commentators (am I allowed to say ‘friends’?) think you are and how lucky an employer will be to have an employee like you. The fact that you’ve been poorly, but are moving on with your life and are actively engaging with doctors and therapists reflects positively upon you as well. You aren’t just sitting in a pool of misery feeling sorry for yourself, which is a huge temptation when you’re not 100%.

    Are there any organisations/departments/somethings where you are able to find out about companies who will be continuing to operate these types of working arrangements? I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, I’m just trying to be a) constructive and b) supportive!

    Sending you virtual *hugs* as always, and I hope that something shifts in your favour soonest.

    • Thank you, I am working on trying to look at this positively.. or well, at least in a less glum light 😉

      You’re right that Sweden is a fairly good country in many ways. That being said I’ve had quite a lot of difficulties with various agencies during my time as sick – it took two years before I even got any help! But now that I’m getting it, things are finally improving. They are making a lot of changes to benefits and how they deal with sick people these last years though, and they’re not necessarily good ones. I’m lucky to not be as sick as others, and not having had those really horrible things happen to me (I won’t go into detail about it, but it’s about them trying to push everyone back into working – whether they are ready for it or not.. I’ve read horror stories of people who have 3-6 months left to live being expected to go back to work during that time!)

      But in a general sense – and in many other ways – Sweden is a good country.

      Oh, and of course you’re allowed to say friends 🙂 I strongly believe in forming friendships online – else I’d not be sticking with my guild after all this time! *lol*

      There is an organisation/agency that I expect will help me. It’s the one that deals with all unemployed people in Sweden, including me and my special contract. It’s their new rules that put me in this situation, and quite honestly I expect them to now help me find something else. It’s only fair, don’t you think?

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