It’s definitely winter…

We’re getting so much snow this winter it’s not even funny anymore. I don’t mind a bit of snow, but now we have over 60cm (2 ft) – and it’s getting a bit much.

The last few weeks I’ve been incredibly tired again. I hate when I get this tired, it’s almost paralysing cause I just don’t seem to get around to doing anything, and getting out of bed is so incredibly difficult. It doesn’t seem to matter how long I sleep. I’ve tried sleeping longer, shorter, medium.. and I’m just as tired.

This Friday I’m going down to the hospital for the 1 year check-up on my leg that I broke last year. We’re going to discuss if I need another surgery to remove the bolts and stuff. I’m kind of hoping that we will remove it since I’m in pain and I guess it’s that stuff that’s causing it. I want to be able to walk properly again without pain.

Some photos below of the snow we’re having. These were actually taken a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve had even more since!


It’s definitely winter… — 1 Comment

  1. Hey, I’m alive! Just so you know πŸ™‚ Wonderful pics. We have loads of snow here as well. Bloody snowstorm here tonight.

    Nice blog make-over btw πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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