#IntPiPoMo: Ego (39-42)

A few years ago I got an offer for a free photography session at a place called The Studio. They did your make-up and directed your positions with props etc. I had been told that they would also do your hair, but I was unlucky and their stylist wasn’t there that day, so I had to just keep my regular hair, with having nothing brought along to make it more fun. Still, I thought it was a fun experience, and I guess it proves that anyone can be dolled up to look decent on photos!

In the end I did buy a few of the photos, since I couldn’t help myself. (Basically the event itself is “free”, but you have to pay for any photos that you want to keep.)

Here are a few of the ones I kept.

Oh noes, I think the wall might disappear!


Posing like a pro!


Not just one Em, but two!!


Probably my favourite…


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