IntPiPoMo: 5-10

Back in 2001 (ages ago, I know!) my entire family went to the south of France where we rented a house together. It’s one of those rare vacations that you only have fond memories of, and I still dream of doing something similar again. With everyone all grown up now though it’s difficult to match everyone’s schedules to do something like that.

The awesome house.


Gate leading up to the house.


House entrance. How quaint is that?


View from the balcony.


Down the coast.


Another picture down the coast.


Do you have a vacation that brings back great memories?


IntPiPoMo: 5-10 — 3 Comments

    • I’m sure you have some beautiful places around there too! I mean you went to that awesome place for that wedding some time ago. I could never go there!

      Am I the only one who dreams of teleportation or beaming like in Star Trek? Just so we could all easier travel all over the world?

      • I think everyone dreams of that. And the Dominican Republic! So beautiful. Airfare is expensive, but it’s not exactly a first-world country (the actual towns were incredibly run-down) so staying there isn’t expensive. I guess it’s equivalent of you going to Africa, looking at a map and guessing distances/costs of stuff in the actual place.

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