Internet Issues

As I believe I’ve mentioned, we finally got a fiber connection a couple of months back. Unfortunately, something isn’t quite right and at times we lose the connection for days at a time. It’s easily down three days in one go, and it’s incredibly frustrating. We’re having one of those periods right now, and it’s doing me in.

Me without internet.

Me without internet.

I know I should take the opportunity to get some other things done, but I find that with internet gone I just end up sitting here on my crappy mobile connection, trying to will it to work. Or make the pages load faster. Want to post something online? Expect it to take you at least half an hour. Want to load Facebook? Forget it! Here, have three posts. What? You wanted to see your entire news feed? HAHAHAHA.

Sorry, having no proper internet apparently makes me somewhat deranged.

Anyway, nearly Tuesday, which means flying to the UK and seeing the boyfriend. So I just need to stay sane until then!



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  1. Isn’t there that comic where it shows someone with no internet who shrugs and says, “oh well, better do something else,” and then another panel with someone with slow internet who sits there and curses at the computer? That is you IRL right now, I think, haha.

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