In the end…

…everything works out.

I’ve always considered myself a pessimist. And I am, in certain ways. But I’ve realised that deep inside of me an optimist is hiding. Because I always have this feeling (even if it never shows itself much) that everything will work out in the end. Things’ll get better.

No matter how depressed I might be feeling, at a certain time, I always know that things will get better. They have to. It might take a while, but it won’t be like this forever. I think that’s why I probably never fall into the deep pit of ‘Everything sucks’, ‘There’s nothing worth living for’… Because I think there are several things worth living for, even the simple things like enjoying a dinner with friends, reading a good book, watching a great movie. Travelling, seeing new places. Being with your family and friends… I could go on and on.

I’m feeling this optimistic at the moment because I was up until half an hour ago despairing of having my place in order before my family arrives on Wednesday. But a man working for the same organisation as I do is buying a house, and he’s getting the keys on Tuesday. Since he has no furniture at all, two free couches are great for him. You see what I mean with things working out? It’s a bit last minute and I’ll have to scramble to have everything setup in the evening for when my family comes, but at least the couches will be out of the apartment.

I just hope I’m not celebrating too early and something goes wrong now. (See, there’s the pessimistic side.)

Currently reading:
Dissolution by C.J. Sansom
Status of couch: Still not assembled
Status of MS#2: Taking a short break before starting revisions, will start once family has come and gone. In the meanwhile I’m scribbling notes in preparation for MS#3 (the ideas just won’t leave me alone! I think I look forward to writing this because my heroine is quite different from the first two. Sure, the first two were different from each other, but both were fairly level-headed…)


In the end… — 3 Comments

  1. Emmie, I’m sure everything will turn out ok for you this weekend. See it’s beginning to look like things are working out.
    As for the couch *sigh* if I lived nearby I’d help you or at least bring the DH to help you put together.

    We don’t have a couch, we actually gave ours away almost two years ago LOL


  2. Uh…the floor and we do have two comfy chairs and Jaggers the newest “owner” of everything we have, says they serve their purpose LOL

    But speaking of furniture we desperately a new bed the one we currently have is breaking our backs 🙁


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