Fortunately it turned out to only be the PSU that had blown up on my computer – so after buying a new one my dad got it running again. Yay!

Today I finally got the remanining closet doors for my bedroom. It’s only been.. what.. a month since I moved in? Well, at least now I have some closet doors. (I have 5 closets in the bedroom and only 1 had a door when I moved in.)

On the whole I’m enjoying my new apartment. It’s a lot more spacy than my old one despite having the same number of rooms. The rooms are just a bit bigger and better planned.

I’ve started working 50% now with my “work training” – and it’s going okay. This is my first week though and I have to admit that the changed hours are noticable. I’m only at work 1,5 hours more than before (would have been 1, but with 4 hours working instead of 3 I decided to fit half an hour lunch too) but I still notice that if almost seems to drag out a bit more.

Maybe it’s also because I used to work from 11.00-14.00, while now I work 11.30 – 16:00 (with 30 min lunch). Getting home 14.00 or 16.00 makes such a difference!

On the whole I’m happy though – I just hope that I can get the special kind of employment that is being talked about. Since currently I practically work for free. Wouldn’t be entirely horrible actually getting some money!

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