I’m Not Dead

My life is just a big mess it seems like, and I’m struggling to tell left from right and up from down. I’d tell you more about it, but it’s a bit too personal for even me (ha!). Unless I can figure out a way to password protect specific posts. Hmm…

Anyway, in the last two months I have spiraled further into my tiredness and not accomplished anything. At least that’s how it feels. In fairness, I have actually started to work a little bit. Only 10 hours a week, but it’s something. It gets me out of the house. It also leaves me exhausted afterwards, but it will hopefully get better. It’s unpaid, more like an internship, but maybe if I get better and can add more hours I can start getting paid a little as well.

I’ve also been to Spain for a week, and United Kingdom for a week (I will write about that in separate posts). Which is rather insane. Since I got sick about 6-7 years ago I’ve barely traveled or done anything. Then this year I’ve managed to visit three countries in four months! Planning to stay home for a while now though!

In other news, my grandma decided to get herself a cat for company. She got a really nice cat that was a bit older, since she had been returned after the previous owner became allergic. A really sweet cat, which my grandma named Lova.

"I'm adorable. Oh, yes I am!"

“I’m adorable. Oh, yes I am!”


Turns out that during the time she was back at the breeder’s she was let outside though (she was an indoors cat), and my grandma got a few cats extra!

Buy one, get four free!

Buy one, get four free!


Now I’m trying really hard to not steal one for myself since I already have one cat and one dog!



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