I haveth returned…

On popular request… Wait, I’m lying… on demand of Snuffiz (oh yes, I remember the old nickname I gave you.. you know who you are!) I am reviving my old blog. Apparently.. some people are too “good” to use myspace! (Though facebook sucks, I do agree on that one.) To be quite honest the only real reason I like Myspace is because it lets me add music to the main page *lol*

Okay, so it’s been nearly a year since I wrote here last. Let’s see what’s happened…

1) I did move back to Sweden
2) I went back to Uni to get my degree
3) I was overly ambitious about how well I was and managed to hit that proverbial wall again (well done me!) so I am back on extended sick leave since December ’07 and had to take a break from school since I can’t manage
4) I moved to Vänersborg to my own apartment, to shortly thereafter have the aforementioned wall-hitting and now have decided to move back to Ed since basically I don’t know a soul down here and it gets rather lonely 😉
5) I already found an apartment in Ed, and unless I can move sooner I move in 1 June.

Hmm, I think that’s the quick rundown of events. Other than that I haven’t done anything big. It’s been pretty slow, walking Bailey (who is always a delight of course) and getting through life mainly.

Tomorrow I travel to Örebro to visit my dad and the family there. I’m taking my baby brother Isak along since he hasn’t met our brother there for several months now. And I guess the word baby is rather relative considering he will be 10 in three weeks, but I still think of him as a baby *lol*

Anyway, that’s all for this time.

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