I has the internets!

It took me a while since I had to get help to get the desk put back together, and there was also a problem with the new ISP – but I now have internet again.

The move went well – but I now have a lot of unpacking and sorting to do. On the whole everything’s good though (even if the packing, move etc. has killed my back!) and I think this place will look really nice once I get stuff in place and can put up curtains and some pictures etc.

Thanks a lot to my family for helping with the move šŸ™‚

Saga’s surgery went well. She’s already back in form playing and everything, so she seems no worse for wear šŸ™‚ For a few days she has to wear a little plastic um.. thingy.. on her head though, to keep her from licking the scar. But that can soon come off as well and she can run around all she wants without fear of getting unwanted kittens. (She’s so little I fear that’d simply make her burst!)

Easter is coming up and I will be celebrating with my family on Saturday. Before then I have a lot of unpacking to do still šŸ™‚

Some photos of the mess in the new apartment below šŸ™‚

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