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I felt challenged to make a list with hot Swedish men! To be absolutely honest though, I don’t follow much on Swedish TV, so I had no idea who was out there and if they were hot. So I had to find a list and steal some from it. The only one I could think of myself was Alexander Skarsgård, everyone’s favourite vampire. I don’t personally care for all of the men on this list, but wanted to get a sample of what apparently we consider to be “hot” over here. Amazingly they’re not all blond!

Alexander Skarsgård


Probably best known for playing the vampire Eric in True Blood. He also has a big family, his dad (Stellan Skarsgård) has been in a lot of US movies as well. Most notably lately probably the Avengers movies and Thor. In Sweden you can also see a lot of his younger brothers in various movies.


Joel Kinnaman


Another one of our exports! He became famous in Sweden in the Swedish movie Snabba Cash (Easy Money), and has since been seen in the US TV-show The Killing and the movie Robocop.


Texas Olsson


This guy was new to me. He’s apparently a model.


Måns Zelmerlöf


This guy first became famous when competing in Swedish Idol, and since then he’s gone on to release albums (despite not winning) and becoming a TV-show host.


Prince Carl-Philip


Can’t have a list of hot Swedish men and not include our prince!


Oscar Spendrup


Another unknown one to me. He’s apparently the heir to one of our biggest soda companies, and also a model.


Danny Saucedo


Not overly fond of this guy, but as I remember he became famous through Swedish Idol. Don’t think he won, but he’s continued making music and hosting some TV-shows.


Tim Bergling (Aviici)


A quite famous (I think?) DJ. If you have no idea who he is, here’s his Spotify link.


Peter Jöback


I had a crush on this guy when I was 11-13 or so. He’s a musical artist, and recently played the Phantom of the Opera in London.


David Hellenius


A comedian and Tv-show host. He’s also been in a couple of Swedish movies.


Björn Gustafsson


A comedian. He became rather popular among the (Swedish) internet crowd for his jokes about World of Warcraft. Doesn’t he just look like a little baby? Cute, but still a baby!


Patrick Grimlund


He’s actually an Economics expert, who has his own financial firm of some sort. He’s become famous in later years for being one of the two economy/finance guys they bring in to this reality show of people struggling with money. They basically come in, look through their economy, find out what they’re doing wrong – and help them fix it. No idea if there’s a similar version in other countries? (I know other Scandinavian countries have their own.)


Henrik Schyffert


A comedian. I enjoyed his TV-shows a lot when I was a teenager. Since then he’s not doing as much anymore, but he’s still funny when I do see him.


Niclas Wahlgren


From one of the big, famous families in Sweden (like the Skarsgård family), only these guys are more musicians. I think he might also be an actor. As you can tell he’s not someone I know a lot about, other than recognising his surname!


Musse Hasselvall


Another new guy to me. He’s apparently some sort of fighter, martial arts I think. He’s also been in some movies.


Martin Rolinski


Artist, former singer in a Swedish group called BWO.


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  1. Woo, hot men! My favourite.

    So, your prince single? Think he’d go for short, blonde Canadian women who love video games? I seem popular on OkCupid.

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