I’m back home again. Finally got through the door around 2 am. The days I travel always end up rather long since there’s the getting to/from the airports on each end, and the hours spent at the airports. The actual flight itself is only two hours long, but in total I still end up spending nearly twelve hours travelling. So, I’m pretty beat today.

During the flight I had a woman in the row behind me traveling with a small child. A small, very upset child. Actually, I’m not sure if upset is the right word to use. The kid was a little prick. He was acting out and kept telling his mom to “shut up”. At one point he even said… “Listen… shut up!” And he was like three years old or something!

I’m not judging. I know kids can be a handful. But I was surprised at how rude someone could be at such a young age! My nephew can have tantrums like the best of them… But I’ve never heard him be insolent and rude in quite the same manner as this kid. I felt bad for the mom though. She was doing her best and staying calm. Much calmer than I think I could have managed when my kid was being arbitrary, refusing to store the tray table, kicking the seat in front (my seat), and just shouting at her to shut up. Kudos to the mom for keeping her cool! (She had a baby in a harness as well!)

When I was at the luggage collection area I was struck by how annoying it is when everyone is standing right next to the belt to see the bags. If everyone would just take a few steps back, everyone would be able to see! As it is, everyone is standing right at the belt, and if you were a few minutes late you basically won’t see anything. I’m too short, and I couldn’t see a thing until enough people had left to leave some spaces free. It was like a proverbial wall between me and the luggage belt!

Anyway, a two hour or so drive later and I finally made it home. Bailey (my dog), was happy to see me, to the point of ecstatic. Saga, the cat, was making sounds and brushing up against me. So, she either wanted food or was happy to see me. Probably was the food.


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